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One Picture, Instant Results

Our innovative machine learning technology instantly lets you know if you are allergic or not.

Multiple Languages

Aller-Free works on most Latin languages and will eventually work on any major language.

Multiple Users

Switch between multiple user profiles. Purchase for people you take care of with ease.

Aller-Free Plans

Choose A Plan That Meets Your Needs


  • Unlimited Scans
  • App Updates
  • 300+ Derivatives
  • Any Major Latin Language
  • Free


  • Unlimited Increased Accuracy Scans
  • App Updates
  • 600+ Derivatives
  • Any Major Language
  • $2.50 per month

Usage Statistics

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The Aller-Free Vision

A beautiful, intuitive app that combines simplicity and utility. 

Product Roadmap

Team Recruitment
Beta Publishing
Funding Round
Public Release

After recruiting a team, creating our proof-of-concept and publishing our app, we are currently working on implementing beta tester suggested improvements. 

Latest Updates

April 8th: Aller-Free is launching version 1.0 build 16 for iOS beta. Build 16 includes new features such as saving user profiles on users’ phones. There is now no need to re-create your user every time you run the app! Build 16 also comes with additional foreign language scanning capabilities while online. 

April 7th: Aller-Free is launching version 1.0 build 13 and 14 for iOS beta. Build 13 and 14 fix numerous bugs from build 10 and build 12. 

April 7th: Aller-Free is launching version 1.0 build 12 for iOS beta. Build 12 includes foreign language improvements for effortless shopping abroad. 

April 6th: Aller-Free is launching version 1.0 build 10 for iOS beta. Build 10 includes a brand new app redesign in cooperation with a local design firm. 

December 25th: Aller-Free is launching version 1.0 build 5 on the iOS beta platform, TestFlight. Prospective users may download from our download link. The latest version features speed improvements with an upgrade to Swift 5 from Swift 4. 



We are currently seeking investments. Please submit a contact form. Invested funds will be used for marketing to expand our user base. 

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